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hot start problem

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I have a quick question for everyone. I have a '04 BEW and have a problem starting when the motor is hot. When it is cold it hits on the first turn of the key. Warm starts are just as good but when you get the motor hot it takes 5 to 10 seconds of cranking. If you let cool off for 10 minutes it goes back to cranking easily. My mileage is in the low 40's and runs strong so I'm not complaining about that. Does anybody know what is causing this?
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A little more info on the car. It has 150k on the clock, no codes stored (checked by vagcom), fresh oil, new air filter and fuel filter in the last 2k miles and the timing belt was changed @ 118k. Any suggestions?
Just a shot in the dark; maybe a weak, fuel pump or relay? Have you had it pressure tested; many times, when they get hot... their performance degrades.
I think this is something that TDIClub has talked about before. I'd search over there.
I found several threads but they all were talking about ALH TDI's but I didn't find anything about BEW (PD) engine. Would the process be the same for both?
Go ahead and join TDI club; there are some extremely sharp people on that site, they should probably be able to answer all your questions quickly and thoroughly. That's what I would do.

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