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I have a 2010 Beetle Final Edition COnvertible...I havethe white leather interior which is supposed to be "washable," however, I put a catalogue on the car seat and there are black marks where the catalogue was. Also, I had a car seat in the back and the leather got dirty. I would like to sell the car but it definitely needs to be cleaned up...I have mats on the floor so the carpet still looks good. exterior sides still have the original plastic and convertible top covers are both still NIP...Windshield has been replaced due to rocks...A couple of nicks in the front from ice and a ding in the bumper on the back from some crazy mall lady without a drivers license. HOw do I clean the leather so it looks nice and is there anything else I should be concerned about? Look at?

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Hey, I am sure; there are many products out there to clean leather. Here is some info; from a volkswagen technical service bulletin, that give you advice direct from Volkswagen. You can use this as a guide:

Model(s) Year Eng. Code Trans. Code VIN Range From VIN Range To
All 1993 - 2010
Interior, Cleaning Tips for Leather Upholstery
Leather upholstery dirty or stained.

Headrests, armrests which are exposed to perspiration, may require cleaning more often.
Avoid solvents, wax, polish, shoe cream, spot removers, household cleaners, etc. These cleaners will likely
damage the finish, affect the color and lead to premature aging of the leather.
For cleaning interior fabrics, vinyls and plastics see Technical Bulletin 2002407.

Normal Cleaning
Use plain water and a soft, non-pigmented cloth or sponge.
Wring water out of cloth or sponge (should be damp, not wet) and wipe over surface. DO NOT allow water to
soak into or penetrate seams.
Wipe off with a soft dry cloth.

Stubborn Dirt
Always read and follow manufacturer Cautions and Warnings regarding use of product
Always test product in an inconspicuous area prior to using in visible areas.
Use a small amount of liquid soap such as Ivory™ or Murphy’s ™ oil soap or equivalent in a quart of water.
Using soapy water, moisten a soft, non-pigmented cloth or sponge. A 3M Scotch-Brite™ Type T Scuff Sponge
(3M™ Part No. 07439) or equivalent can also be used.
Wring water out of cloth or sponge (should be damp, not wet) and wipe over surface. DO NOT allow water to
soak into leather or penetrate seams.
Wipe off with a soft dry cloth.

Stubborn Stains
Use lukewarm water to dilute water-soluble stains
Use small amount of liquid soap such as Ivory™ or Murphy’s™ oil soap in a quart of water.
Remove excess grease immediately with a soft cloth or paper towel.
Moisten a soft, non-pigmented cloth or sponge with water for water soluble stains or soapy water for greasy
Work area larger than the stain, liberally dab the stain. Work inwardly towards the stain, and then outwardly from
the stain. Dampen the area but avoid soaking the leather.
Use a clean cloth or sponge to absorb the liquid.
Allow leather to air dry.
When leather is dry, polish with a dry soft cloth. A certain amount of grease will absorb into the leather and
disappear of its own accord.

Conditioners provide a physical barrier against surface soiling and abrasion, and a degree of gloss to enhance
the leather’s appearance.
Several times a year use a specially formulated 3M™ Leather / Vinyl / Cleaner / Conditioner Part No. 39040 or

cleaners and conditioners:

Murphy's Oil Soap

https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=murphys oil soap

3M 39040 Leather and Vinyl Restorer


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I had a 64 Impala SS with a white interior and used Armoral Cleaner.At the time the interior was original so the soap was mild enough. I used a finger nail brush with flexible bristles,doing a 12 inch square area at a time as you go, spray and scrub then wipe up with a clean cloth.Its a slow process but worth the time and effort.


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Sadly, the 2010 final Edition convertible does not have a leather interior; it's leatherette, aka vinyl. I love the white, but it's awful if it comes in contact with anything dark; jeans are the worse. An automotive vinyl cleaner should work.
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