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How many Rubber Mount Bolts do I need???

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Hi, I posted last month about the Rubber Mount Bolts for the Air Pump - and a few of you gave me some great links to buy these - so thanks!

But one more question - how many do I need to buy?

I have a 2000 Beetle GLS 2.0

I have a mechanic who does all my work - I just buy the parts.

So I need to know how many Rubber Mount Bolts does the Air Pump need?

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If memory serves me correctly you need 3 of them. but if you are ordering them from the dealership then the parts department can look them up on ETKA and tell you for sure.

3 for sure

3 for sure, they all have 3 rubber mounts. It's a fairly easy job the hardest part is maneuvering the old pump out once you disconnect the 3 nuts from the mounts/bracket.
Thanks everyone! I ordered three.
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