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*I take no responsibility for damage to your car or yourself.

Since all the images are gone in the old thread I made one.
Tools needed:
Flat head screwdriver(optional)
Philips screwdriver
Needle nose pliers(optional)
Hands ;)

Step 1:
Open your door and roll the Windows down.
Vehicle door Vehicle Car Family car Compact car

Step 2:
Locat the exterior B pillar trim.
Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper Vehicle Car

Step 3:
Pull your interior, upper window seal off enough so that it is out of your way.

Tire Vehicle door Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive exterior

Vehicle door Auto part

Step 4:
Locate other seal under B-pillar(aka: window track)

Tire Automotive tire Rim Wheel Auto part

Tire Automotive tire Rim Wheel Automotive exterior

Step 5:
Pull the window track out from under the B-pillar trim.(I used a flat head screwdriver, electrical tape around the tip will prevent scratching)

Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper Vehicle Auto part

Step 6:
Locate screws and remove them with a Philips screwdriver(preferably magnetic).
*My top screw was missing, odd :what:

Rim Tire

Rim Hand

Step 7:
Trim can now be easily removed.

*Sorry for picture quality

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good to have a diy. :)

Those manual windows OEM or did you put them in? I could swear that wasnt even an option when I got mine.
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