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I decided to do this as a guide to finding a QUALITY repair center. Since I own a repair facility known for quality, I have listed several important guidelines. All repair centers vary so use this as a guide and do not be afraid if the center varies somewhat.
1. DO they claim to be specialists in your brand? Most times a specialist has more experience than a plain center which works on mostly domestics. However those centers can be excellent as well.
2. Are the technicians ASE certified with at least 1 master certified?
3. Is the shop a member of ASA or another service organization?
4. Is the shop fairly clean and organized? If they don't care about their shop, chances are they don't care about your car.
5 Does the shop have good equipment in good repair? Is the equipment modern or ancient? Yes you can fix a vehicle with old equipment. However, if you need an alignment for example, a modern machine is much more capable. Also crappy equipment is another sign the shop doesn't care.
6. Are there quite a few vehicles in the lot at all times especially ones of the same make you own? This usually means they are busy which usually means they are good.
7. Is the price reasonable or way less or more than other competitors? Usually this means that a shop is not doing all the work properly if they are way less. However, using myself as an example, I am generally 1/3-1/2 of the price of my competitors on T-belts etc. I also install all rollers and w-pump and I only use quality. I am not a ripoff though. in general though this can be a good indicator.
8. Do they listen to your concerns and answer all your questions to your satisfaction? If they are evasive or quick to dismiss you, RUN away!
9. Do they offer "specials" on thinks like a/c checkout or other questionable things? Again, run away.
10. Will they allow you to supply your own parts? Do they offer a warranty if you do? I do ONLY if the parts are quality. If the parts are crap, I will turn the job down. The warranty is on labor only and you should not expect any shop to warranty your parts you supplied.

These are just some guidelines. I hope this helps someone out there. If anyone has another idea please post it.

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Good post! We all need to read something like that. I've had a good honest shop for several years that has worked on my '65 VW Squareback. When I purchased my '99 NB about 2 1/2 years ago, I noticed that they weren't as knowledgeable on the NB as older Veedubs. He would be able to easily do the generic stuff, brakes, etc. But a couple of times he told be to go to the stealership because they would be able to handle the issue better. I decided to look to YELP. I found an independent shop reasonably near by. This shop had so many positive reviews on YELP that I gave it a try. The owner does not allow me to bring in my own parts, so I can't buy on line and save there. But he seems to be honest and fair, so I am going with it. Moreover, he repaired a failing door lock module that the stealership said was not broken. The stealership wanted me to pay $200-300 to go on a scavenger hunt to find out what was REALLY wrong with the car. :rolleyes:
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