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How To: Fog Light install with Euro Switch

Based on my 1998 1.9L TDI Beetle

Parts List:

Euro Switch
Fog Lights
Front Fog Grill, Valence, & Trim (3 pcs Total)
Relay (for fogs)
Red, Blue or what ever color wiring, (Black, Red) Black for ground (-) Red for Positive (+)
6 male & 10 female crimp on connectors Approx.
Crimping Pliers
Wire Stripers/Cutters
Electrical Tape (3M "33" - Good Quality)
Heat shrink tubing 1/4" diam
Inline fuse assembly (30amp) ( Wire with fuse and hold in the middle of it)
Socket set
Metal Coat Hanger
Torx bits (#?)

Sources: ( I used)

Euro Switch - www.autotech.com - $79
Got mine for on sale for $38

Fogs (I used aftermarket for now 3.5 in.) - www.pershingauto.com
Left Fog - $54

Right Fog - $54

Fog Grill, Valence, - www.pershingauto.com
Lower Spoiler - w/fog $44

Lower Grill - w/fog $24

Trim - www.bestdealcarparts.com/
Trim $19.76

Electrical Tape - Home Depot/Walmart

Heat Shrink Tubing - Harbor Freight, Radio Shack

Inline Fuse Assembly - Advance Auto Parts - ~$6

Relay - Advance Auto Parts - ~$3.50

Crimp Connectors - Advance Auto Parts/Walmart

How to install crimp on wire connectors - @ ehow.com

Euro Switch Pin Diagram

First things first:
There is talk about some models having the factory wiring for fogs even if it didn't come with fogs. I cannot verify yes or no. I do know of one person (VWGARY's - 98') that had the wiring and didn't have lights. He found it while installing lights. Mine is a 98' TDI and I didn't have it. Not a problem either way just a little more to do.

What I did:

I wanted to do the hardest thing first:
1) Run a wire from Headlight Switch to Engine compartment.
Procedure: Remove the (3) torx screws from the trim panel just above the pedals. There are 3 for the dash panel real close to these, you only need to remove the 3 from the black trim panel above the pedals. Let the panel drop down in front an pull slightly to remove from the white plastic clip holding it on the fire wall. (LOOK Up under the dash towards the drivers side, there is a black bundle of wires the size of your thumb that goes through the firewall)

2)Remove Headlight Switch
Procedure: Push in on the part of the switch that turns. I will move inward 1/4". Then turn for the normally Headlight on Switch position and it will stop. Then Pull the switch outward and it will slide right out.

3)Straighten Out the Cloths Hanger
Procedure: Untwist the Hook end, straighten out the two bends and cut the curly end off the hanger to make it straight.

4) Open the hood, remove the 2 screws that hold the Air Box (houses the air filter)

5)Unplug the Vacuum line that goes t the air box

6)Remove the Flexible Hose (large one)
Procedure: There is on Clamp you have to squeeze together and slide off and slide off the hose.

7)Remove the Air Box
Procedure: Slide the air box towards the engine and work it out of it's location. ReInstallation is the reverse of the removal. There is a large black pine that lines the box up when it goes back in place.

8) Uncover the Wiring Harness
Procedure: Look down where the air box was located and you will see a Rectangular, flat, black in color, plastic cover and it connects to a semi circular 1/4 circle shape black plastic piece. Remove these two pieces. You will see 3 wrapped bundles of wires. These are your wiring harness'.

9)Fish wire through fire wall
Procedure: On mine, took the cloths hanger end, and slowly slide it parralell to the larger wiring harness, you will have to work at it a bit and may feel something that resembles pushing the hanger through a piece of rubber. Which is what you are doing. Once you get it to go through push it 6 -8 inches or so and then look under the dash for the end of the hanger you pushed through. ( careful at this to make sure you do no damage to the main wire harness) I used a white vinyl coated hanger so it would be easier to see under the dash.

Once the hanger is through, and you find it. Take your wire, (what ever color you choose, ( I use the green one that came with my lights and one end off)) Take a Piece of electrical tape and tape the wire to the end of the hanger you push through to under the dash. Make sure it is secure, so it stays on while you pull it back through the firewall.

Pull the hanger from under the hood and pull the wire slowly through the firewall. Pull it out about 2'.

10) Relay time
Procedure: there should be a diagram of the relay connection on the packaging. Take the wire you pulled through the fire wall and connect it to the "Switch" location of the Relay

11) Power Wire
Procedure: (I used the fuse holder and red wire that came with my lights) Connect the one end to the Relay "Power" location (+) The other end of the power wire will connect directly to the battery (+) Positive (you will use a "U" shaped crimp on connector)

12)Ground Connection
Procedure: Connect a wire (your choice of color) black to the "Ground" location of the Relay. Connect the other end to the Negative (-) termanal of the battery (you will use a "U" shaped crimp on connector)

13) Fog light Power Wire
Procedure: Your choice of color(I used blue) connect one end to the "Lights" or "Light Power" location of the Relay, Should be the last spot, because most relays only have 4 positions. and run the wire down to where the drivers side fog light will be. (General area, about 6" longer than you think)

14) Fog Light Ground Wire (for the lights them selves
Procedure: Use a "U" shaped crimp on connector on one end, and connect it to the battery Negative (-) termanal with the Relay Ground. And then run the wire down to the same location as the "Fog Light Power Wire."

15) Followup
Procedure: Take your electrical tape, securely wrap your relay and wire connections to weather/short proof them. The relay should fit in the front corner of the wiring harness tray (that they run in or are secured in.) Arrange the wires so they are neat and tidy, If your sure about your connections, reinstall the air box, bolts, hoses etc. If not wait till last.

Use tape, or plastic loom to tidy up the wires running from the battery down to the fog lights, there is a lot of room for creativity here. Just a matter of how you want it to look.


17) Fog light wiring
Procedure: you will have four wires to connect to the two wires you just ran down there. What you will do is this (just the way I did it) Light 1 (passenger side, Light 2 Driver side)

Connect a wire from the black foglight wire (that comes from the light assembly. Run it down the middle of the grill to Light 2, Cut the wire and then cut a 6" piece of wire and twist the ends together, crimp a female connector on the twisted wire.

On the other end of the 6" wire crimp a connector that matches the connector on Light 2 (You may have to replace the connector that comes installed on it) Connect this to wire for Light 2


19) Securing the light wiring
Procedure: (What I did) Run the wires across the grill, in the slot you will see that is on the back of the grill in the center (Runs from light to light) I use GOOP every 6-8 inches to secure the wire in the slot.

20)Mounting the Grill and lights in the bumper
Procedure: You will notice, there are slots in the bumper where the clips on the grill will snap in. All you have to do is line everything up and push the grill into the bumper. It takes a little bit of work to get it all the way in but it will go.

You will have to decide when to connect the lights to the wiring coming from the relay, It depends on how much room you have to make the connections.

21) To the Euro Switch
Procedure you will need to make the connection from the wire you pulled through the firewall to the switch. Assuming you have the switch out already, run the hanger through the switch hole down towards the floor, connect the pulled wire to the hanger and pull it up through the switch hole.

22)Ok this is not a hard part but, you have to get the right connector....... You can do this two ways: (i did it this way) Get you one of the cheap 12volt lawn and house lights like you would use outside to lightup a tree. take it apart if it is not already, Remove the two wires that run up to the bulb, these connectors are that same as the ones in the factory plug that you are putting the wire in. I had to trim the sides of it to make it narrower, sand them smooth, and keep adjusting it till I got it to slide in properly to the plug. There is wire already connect to this connector just cut it about 2" long and connect it to the wire you pulled through the fire wall.

23) You will be putting this connector in to the hole in the plug that corresponds to Pin "NL" on the Euro Switch

It is impossible to describe this part in detail you just have to work at it to make it fit.

21) Make sure you secure all your wires, put all the parts back on, reinstall the air box, wiring harness covers, etc.

22) I assume no responsibility or liability for anything that is in this document. You use it at your own risk.

23) It is not hard to this install just take your time and don't break anything.

24) Also I assume you use the heat shrink tubing and electrical tape to weather proof all your connections under the hood!

Let me know if I missed anything... Thanks

If you have photos that I can add to this How To, please send me a PM.

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A foggy day in London town........

Excuse me, but will the grill and lights work on a 2007 NB? You don't mention any year in your installation instructions...which by the way are quite good, would be nice if there were a few additional photos.


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Excuse me, but will the grill and lights work on a 2007 NB? You don't mention any year in your installation instructions...which by the way are quite good, would be nice if there were a few additional photos.

Thanks Added "Based on my 1998 beetle"

and will be addin more photos

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Actually, that looks like it should work on 98 - 05 beetles. The 2006 and newer models have a different lower fascia so the above parts will not work, but I think the instructions will.

:goodjob: Job well done Sullivan! :goodjob:

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As long as you use the proper grill area for your model year you should be good to go.

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Thanks Added "Based on my 1998 beetle"

Oh good grief, you did say that didn't you. :banghead:

Sorry. I "should" read more carefully next time. I was just caught up in all the nicely detailed installation instructions.

Yes, the lower facade for the 2007 bugs is different, but one would think the instruction s would work. You don't think VW changed all the running wires and switches out between the '05 and '07 model do you. :D


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Nicely done!
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