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Hey all,

I know this is a pretty simple thing to do but you never know who this might help. Super easy to do and you can get both of these done in about 15 minutes.

Tools you will need:

Flat head screw driver (helpful, but not needed)
Needle nose pliers (vice grip needle nose are the best for this)

Parts required

Diverter valve of your choice
N75 valve of your choice

I will be installing a Forge 007 diverter valve, but installation is the same for all diverter valves.

Begin by removing the engine cover and your air box (if replacing the N75). Removing the air box allows a lot easier access to things, but detaching the hose from the box will suffice as well. If you have a pod filter, take it off for the same reasons above.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383676856.048824.jpg

Locate the diverter valve and the N75. They are both located on the intake hose.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383676910.949889.jpg
ImageUploadedByAG Free1383676989.093732.jpg

Begin with the diverter valve. Note the orientation if the valve so you don't install the new one backwards.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383677175.056383.jpg

Take your needle nose and remove the big hose that feeds into the diverter valve. Then remove the diverter valve from the intake hose.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383677120.105357.jpg

The hose on top is on there really tight. Use the screw driver to help pry up on it to get it off. Set the diverter valve off to the side once you have freed it.

For those of you that are just replacing the diverter valve, you can scroll past this part.

Begin by unplugging the electrical connection on the valve. Note the orientation of the old valve to avoid incorrect installation.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383677635.434422.jpg
ImageUploadedByAG Free1383677667.446543.jpg

These hoses will be on there super tight. Take the middle and upper hoses off first, then focus on removing the valve from the intake hose without tearing the hose. Once you have those off, insert the new one, remembering the correct orientation (longest end down into the hose). Connect the other two hoses to the same nipples they were on, an then wrap it up by plugging the new N75 in.

Back to the diverter valve.

Begin by installing the small hose back on top, while you still have some room to maneuver it. Insert the bottom of the diverter valve into the intake hose, then connect the big hose back to the side port.

ImageUploadedByAG Free1383678077.892378.jpg
ImageUploadedByAG Free1383678092.179406.jpg

Reinstall the air box/filter, put the cover back on, and you're good to go. Test drive the car and make sure everything is working properly, and you are done.

I hope this helps someone out!

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