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Greetings. I just recently purchased this knob:


and a new shift boot (though not from DriverGear). This is for my 2000 NB TDI.

Included with the knob is a plastic clip that inserts into the knob and (presumably) slides around the shift rod, some screws that lock the clip into the knob, and a plastic tie-tie that locks the clip down onto the rod.

I've been following the forums and how to install shift knobs, but something doesn't seem right with this. The knob seems shorter than the stock leather knob, so when I try to insert the knob down on the shifter, it doesn't lock to the base. The depth of the knob seems too short compared to the original. It seems it needs two more inches or so to lock down at the base where the old knob did.

So, my question is: did I purchase a knob designed for a short shifter, or am I just installing it incorrectly? The site makes no mention of a short shift, so I'm leaning towards my being a dumbass... can anyone confirm that and help me install this thing? :rolleyes:

Photos included.


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