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How to make terminal release tools!

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How to make terminal release tools for VW and Audi - YouTube

I use to sell these faster than I could make them... but I stopped making them a few years ago, but request still keep rolling in, so I'm sharing my knowledge of terminal release tools so anyone who wants to can take a stab at making their own set.

Here is info on how to use them:

removing terminals on the VW wiring harness - YouTube

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Thanks for the info ! I'll be making myself a set of these for sure. A week or two ago I was under my bug and the previous owner had cut into the wire for the radiator temp sensor and I had to replace that wire due to corrosion where he left it exposed. I took the wire from my parts car and put it into my plug and made a good splice. If I had the tool I wouldn't have spent an hour with a tiny eyeglass screwdriver :). Tks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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