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There are a pretty much two commonly known options for controlling your rear spoiler. Option 1 is swapping your motor for either a 45mph or 93mph deploy. Option 2 is purchasing a tailwagger.

Well there is an even easier third option available. It will give you almost full manual control. I say almost because it will still rise at your motors pre-set point. So if your bug is set at 93mph and the spoiler is down. It will still go up. This is good as your New Beetle actually needs the spoiler at those speeds.

Otherwise it is full manual. You simply click the lil switch under your dash to raise or lower the wing. I have to admit that 99% of the time I just leave it up. I like the way it looks and really only lower it if I am forced to go thru a carwash. :lol:

Ok so I suppose I should get around to describing how to do this.. huh? ;)

Well first lets get our tools in order.
  • 1) #2 phillips head screw driver
  • 2)Electrical tape
  • 3)Something to cut the tape with.
  • 4)Wire cutters

    Now on to the "How To"
  • Remove the key from your ignition
  • Pop the trunk
  • Look up at the lid and you will see two little hand holds. Inside these hand holds are a phillips screw. Go ahead and remove those now.
  • The plastic cover is held in by clips. Simply tug on the cover and yank it off starting at the bottom (where the latch is)
  • On the right side (passenger) you will see a brown and a black connector. Remove the black connector. Pull back the sheathing and seperate the wires a little bit. They will prolly be a bit sticky from glue residue. Find the purple/yellow and gray/white wire.
  • Cut the wires with your wire cutter and wrap the ends with electrical tape.
  • Re-wrap the bundle
  • Plug the connector back in
  • Snap the cover back on
  • Put the screws back in
  • Close the trunk and test out your new toy. :)
Tom aka Fowvay

PS... Your spoiler light will be on constantly on your gauge cluster when the spoiler is deployed however there is an easy fix. Simply put a piece of electrical tape between the guage face and the LED. I will post a part two to this How To soon. So worry not I will show you how to do it. :)


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If You manually flip the switch... should the wing stay up?? Mine drops back after a few seconds and the light is always on (sunroof doesn't work either

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I have no sunroof, but as memory serves me, the sunroof doesn't deploy at 93mph. maybe flipping the switch is telling your beetle that is going 93, and don't deploy, even if you're driving slower.

Sadly, Tom, the starter of this thread passed away a couple months ago, which means no further commentary from our beloved friend.

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