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HOW TO: Replace sticky fuel door cable.

(edit - link to old forums removed and steps added)

I believe this is the Fuel door cable
1c0 810 773 $42.02 on impex

and the etka screenshot:


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Thanks to MaJav for this write up!

To gain access to Gas Tank Actuator:
Rear compartment trim panel – Removal:
Remove lock carrier trim

* Pull upward off lock carrier panel after removing plastic connectors (center plug)

Remove rear side panel trim

* Remove rear seat cushion and backrest
* Pull off inner door seal from lower B-pillar
* Pull trim out of clips
* Lift out of clips

Remove C-pillar trim

* Remove D-ring for front and rear seat belts
* The B-pillar trim should already be removed
* Pull center rear trim strip (clipped on) downward off roof frame
* Remove C-pillar trim check condition of retaining clips and replace as necessary

Unclip air grille
Remove screws
Pull trim panel toward front of vehicle

Fuel fill lid actuator – The actuator is located on a bracket on the right wheel housing.
The luggage compartment trim on right side should already be removed
Remove harness connector from fuel door actuator motor
Disconnect release cable at retaining bracket
Remove actuator mounting screws
Remove motor from bracket
Disconnect cable at motor

Remove the Fuel Tank filler lid:
Remove right tail light.
Remove filler cap.
Pull retaining ring (behind the sealing lip) out of rubber cup
Remove mounting screw in lower corner of fuel fill shroud
Lift fuel tank filler lid and remove from rear with attachment strap.


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