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Head Light Removal

The definitive guide now with pictures!

Why pictures? Well because we now know that some copies of the Handbook (the venerable Beetle Bible ) do not cover the removal of the headlamp, suggesting you go to a VW agent to get the job done!

So If you do have a copy, it doesn’t matter if it's not in English as the piccies are the same you can use them if you like. (or can’t get your PC near your NB!)

With the bonnet open and book 3.2 Tips & maintenance ready, page 56 Piccie BNB-064K

You push in the chequered button 1 (a biro or screwdriver is ideal) then whilst pushed in slide the lever 2 fully up. This will release the headlight.
(Some early models had a spring clip on the lever, which also needed to be released, later ones seem to be sealed with a blob of what looks like white paint)

Now if all goes well (very unlikely) the headlamp will move forward. If not make sure the lever is fully up and push the headlamp from behind. It will most probably be very very stiff and need a lot of effort.

It would appear the headlamps get stuck in the (non-lubricated) runners and the rubber seal sticks to the bodywork. So a liberal use of magic spray (GT85, WD40 etc.) may help…..

When eventually released, push the lamp out far enough to remove the wire block connector. You have to pull the lug on the connector and the connector at the same time to release them. The headlamp is then free.
The battery side headlamp gives you very little room to push from behind, some sort of lever may be required. (Either plastic or wood is best, something from the kitchen? )

Carry it to somewhere safe, (the dining table :eek: ) and remove the rear plastic cover, you do not have to remove the screw, you can use your Biro/ Screwdriver to push the lug clear of the screw to release the cover….. then there you are, free to remove the lamps after removing the push on connectors and spring clips.

It is also at this point that you can 'reverse dip' the headlights for foreign travel, you just need to use your Biro/screwdriver to flip the metal lever inside!

Now the important part… when you replace the headlamps be sure to clean all the grit out that collect there, then lubricate the runners and rubber seals with silicone grease. Also, make sure you get the lugs located in the runners properly.

A tube of silicone grease should be approx. £3.00 from a car spares shop. It has many uses, such as keeping any rubber components soft and sticky, so worth getting. VW recommend using it on the door, boot & bonnet seals for this reason. Normal greases will destroy rubber components.
Edit by Fowvay... powdered graphite does not attract dirt and will work better. You can find this in any hardware stores. It is designed for lock tumblers.

Once done once and lubricated, they are much easier to remove, it should then take less than ten minutes to remove.

Special thanks to SIXSPEED for shooting, photoshopping and hosting the pics.

Tom aka Fowvay
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