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How to Swap Drivers Doors, or should I?

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I have a 2000 2.0 Beetle.

Drivers door lock module is broke (took it out hoping it was just a solder issue, but the micro switch rubber was gone, so need to one). Putting the door back together, the cable to the window motor hooked and twisted, and now need new one. Speaker is gone.....

Local junk yard have a matching 2000 beetle, even same color. How hard is it to switch doors? I can't seem to find info on this, not sure how to remove it from the hinges and the wiring harness connections.

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The door swap is probably the easier part, the wiring in the door/door jam and to the car is probably the hard part?
do the hinges come off from the door side? I see with both panels off there are two nuts that attach the hinge. I assume they come out and the pin.

How is the wiring harness removed?
This DIY will show how to disconnect the door wiring harness correctly.
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