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How to Upholster a Plastic Bug Dash Cover:)

Materials Needed:

Tape Measure
Permatex Headliner Adhesive ($12)
Hair Dryer
Fabric ($3-$15)
Silicone sealer ($3)

Total Project Time: 1-2 hours
Total Cost: $20- $30


1. First you need to purchase a plastic Bug Dash cover from the Bug Dash www.thebugdash.com or call (805) 714-4000. Only $60 plus shipping.

2. Secondly you have to get a piece of fabric from Joann’s Fabric or any other Retailer. A piece 58 inches by 25 inches works great.

3. Thirdly you will need to cut an outline of the plastic dash cover leaving approximately three inches of margin all the way around the cover. Please view the pictures for a visual representation.

4. Clean the plastic cover with a damp rag to eliminate any residual dust or lent before applying the adhesive. Then dry it with a dry cloth. This will ensure it bonds properly.

4. Then you need to shake the Permatex headliner adhesive and spray in light coats to the top surface of the cover to achieve a nice uniform layer. Then work the fabric on the cover conforming it to the shape of the cover with your hands. Then crimp the fabric along the edges with your clamps. Allow roughly 15 minutes for the material to set up properly before proceeding.

5. Then work the other sides in the same fashion applying adequate time for set up (15-45 minutes)

6. Then flip the cover upside down and cut tiny holes in the fabric for the air conditioning and speaker holes. X cuts work great and allow a snug clean look. Apply the adhesive to the outer perimeter and fold over and clamp. Then allow 15 minutes before pulling the other side.

7. Then put a fine bead of silicone around the backside of the fabric to seal the material and ensure it will remain tight for many years to come. Applying scotch guard is also a good idea for those that are worried about stains or moisture.

8. Enjoy the customized look. Match your dash cover to you headliner or vise versa. Add a stylistic touch to your new beetle and have fun doing it at the sametime.


This How-To brought to you by:
The Bug Dash
[email protected]
(805) 714-4000


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