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I hate my mirrors!

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Yes, that's right, I hate them.
They're too high and create a blind spot that I find intolerable.

Aesthetically, they're fine. I like the idea that they have heating elements behind the glass for those frigid days with precipitation. I have them on my 944 and they're nice.

I've been studying them with the idea that I could somehow modify them to sit lower. It looks like it would be very challenging, if it could be pulled off, at all.

So, I'm going to ask: are there other mirrors that would fit that would sit in the lower corners, rather than up high?
The problem that I see is that there isn't enough upper door 'edge' to mount a different mirror.

My ride is a 2000 with the stock mirrors, by the way.
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It is not only the mirror that creates a blind spot right there. The whole design is hard to see you around. I ended up moving my inspection sticker and registration sticker all the way to the bottom of the windscreen. This helped out a little bit.
Some 2000s had the smaller mirrors with different sizes on each side. Maybe switching to a later model year will help you out.

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I have the same exact pet peeve with that blindspot, I do wonder if the post 03 ones would fit as they look better positioned from the photos. But I have not tried it yet, nor know if they changed the mounting.
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