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I have a 2008 and im getting a hiss from the brake petal

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It's a 2008 vw beetle and I would like to get some feedback on this. As I was driving I had to stop very fast as I did that I herd a pop then the brake pedal went to the floor but after pumping the brakes the petal was very hard, and make a loud hissing sound when I hit the brakes. The car doesn't stop very well. I have checked the brake booster vacuum line for cracks, Nome that I could see, but I was not able to get it all the way off the car. I can get the check valve side out but not where it hooks the the vacuum pump. Any help would be much appreciated.

F.y.I . I'm new to the forms
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I would check the brake booster hose, vacuum pump or the brake booster itself for failure. It has been said; that there is a vacuum pump, that supplies vacuum to the brake booster. This pump is failure prone and expensive to replace (failure is usually indicated by leaking oil); if the pump fails, you might consider this delete kit from USP Motorsports. It eliminates the need for the pump and you get vacuum; direct from the motor itself. You might contact the vendor; to confirm, that it works with the New Beetle.

Spulen 2.5L Brake Vacuum Pump Delete Kit
Brand: Spulen/USP Motorsports
Part #: SE-095
Our price: $99.99




Brake booster hose: this is a aftermarket hose; which is cheaper or you could call your local vw dealer, see how much one is from them. Note: use your VIN# to get the correct parts.

Genuine Booster Vacuum Hose
Part Number: 18947-01202627

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Wow I never thought of after market, but now that you mention it the vacuum pump did have traces of oil all the way around outer plate. Thanks guys
Well, make sure to diagnose the problem; it may just be a vacuum hose or the vacuum pump, may have failed. Again, I would contact USP Motorsports and confirm their kit, works on the New Beetle.
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