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I/m readiness not ready-need help

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Got a Weird issue with my beetle right now. The I/M readiness monitors will not reset back to okay or pass. I already drove the car 400 miles and still the catalytic monitor stays INC. which is incomplete and the check engine light is Not ON. Previously it would only take about 150-180 miles drive cycle to clear those back to normal. Seems like the CPU is locked in a glitch loop or something. Has anybody seen this anomalie before?? I first noticed this after my Battery went dead and took out my ABS system with it...NO GOOD! So far I did two more resets of the main cpu and drove 200 miles each time and still no Results..urrgg! :confused: I need help
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Hi Esse10. Sounds like you have a tough one there. I had a couple of thoughts:

Try reading error codes anyway and see if there are any. Especially if you have VCDS there will probably be codes there that could provide a clue.

Second, look at the live data while driving to be sure the ECU is getting all the readings it should. Look for things like RPMs, vehicle speed, engine load, ect. to have readings that are updating.

There sure seem to be a lot of problems cropping up when batteries on these cars run low!

Hey thanks for your support I got this issue resolved two days ago. Part of my problem is that I have an old versioin of vagcom and I'm still in a learning curve on using this tool for troublshooting. I had to combine steps from two procedures off the internet to make it work on my car engine ID. kinda like trial and error, hit and miss :D. Once I got it to test my I/M monitors and get a check engine light I had some results I could work with. I USED THE WONDEROUS LUBE OF THE GODS-SEAFOAM!!! (did the vacuum suction at the throttle valve like that youtube video on the 1.8vortex) Then I just drove the car hard for two days and all clear and happy. YAY!
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