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My '00 Red TDI had a hard life before I got it. The inside door panels are in bad shape...are cracked, etc., as if someone didn't know how to take them off. I imagine the window fell down because of the bad window clips at some point, and the person was desperate to get them up for some reason. It was a leased car, so I assume they were idiots in the first place.

On the passenger side, the leather insert is puddling away from its backing, making what appear to be bubbles on the armrest. I think there might be water leaking in that could be the cause. Something made me think that there was water in the door sometime last year, but I can't remember what it was. The window switch on that side is broken, too, and the heated mirrors don't work on either side (which is a common problem, but an oh so nice feature when they do work).

Anyway, I think it would be easier to just get two new doors from a salvage yard, and cannabilize them for parts. I don't know how to start in finding such a thing. Are there VW-only salvage yards? (My son saw one that was just Mustangs, recently.) How hard would it be to find a totalled car with intact doors? I don't need the outsides, but if they were better than mine, I'd put them on.


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