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The other day, (well, 3 weeks ago, actually), before accident/surgery), I had hauled a push mower in the back of my bug. After unloading it, when I got home, I popped both the rear seats back up in place.
Upon doing so, the switch/lever on /p/s side went POP. Kinda felt like it fell apart inside. I was hot and in a hurry, so figured I'd let it wait until I could get back to it.
Well, Im just pondering, and trying to get any ideas/thoughts/knowledge about the whole gig.

I've already priced a complete replacement setup (over 70 bucks), from VW, and looks like ALOT of work, (taking seat apart/routing pieces up back of seat, etc, etc).
Just wondering if anyones run into this same deal, and was able to put Humpty Dumpty/lever back to gether again?
Im hopin/prayin that it's something that just fell apart from roughness.............................crosses fingers...........................

I hate when somethings NOT working/inept on the car. Drives me bonkers........................

Thanks in advance for any/all info.


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I haven't worked on anything like that, yet; have you downloaded the eRWin service manuals; they are the factory vw service manuals, the techs at the VW dealer use. I can only assume, that would be the best service info; that could possibly, help you figure things out, before tearing into it.

Cost is $36 for 24 hour access; then, you can download as many VW service manuals as you want, in .pdf format, to view, print and use later, stored on your computer.

If and when you do the seat repairs; be sure, to share the info with us and this can help the next person with the same issue, thanks.
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