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I want Retro-type wheels (?) for my NB

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Okay, so at Bugstock I saw that New Beetles can, indeed, have retro wheels and I would like them for mine. I am new to this "pimp you car" and I have no idea where to go. I have an '07 convertible - non-turbo. Currently, it has stock-sized tires and I have no idea what size that is or what that means, But i don't want to have to buy new tires - cause I just did.

So my question - does anybody in the club have these or know where I can get them? I would like to make mine cream and green to match my car so I know some painting will be involved.

If someone would be kind enough to explain to a newbie if these are wheels, rims, hubcaps, or a combo, so I do not continue to sound dumb, I would appreciate as well. I am in SoCal so if there is a dealer down here that has them so I can actually see them...that would be amazing.

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Hopefully it's OK to bump up this thread vs starting a new one. I tired to PM The Cheat but their inbox is full.

Anyone know which wheels these are?


Are they just steel wheels with a hubcap?

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