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Hey all,
We picked up a 2007 VW convertible Beetle for my daughter at auction about a year ago. Unsurprisingly (to me) we've had a lot of irritatingly minor issues. The car was sitting for a while and the battery died, which caused the immobilizer to somehow get set. Local VW dealership couldn't fix it, so I removed the ECU and set it off to have an Immo-delete done by KermaTDI. Got that back and reinstalled and the instrument cluster didn't work. To be fair, the instrument cluster was odd when we got the car, with only half of the odometer display working. It showed the upper half of the numbers, but not the lower.

Anyway, removed the cluster, sent it off to Custer fix to see if they could repair. They contacted me to say that it couldn't be fixed and that it looked like someone had tried to unsolder the temperature warning LED (cue ominous music). But they found a replacement and sent it out to me.

Got that installed and the car started and ran, but I had multiple warning lights displayed. Check engine, engine temperature, and the most irritating one, airbag light...which meant the car wouldn't pass inspection.

I ordered the VCDS software and dongle from Ross Tech, and the airbag light was due to a low voltage state, which didn't surprise me with the battery dying. Because there were so many codes, I said F-it and cleared them all figuring that anything that was a real problem would come back.

So now I have the check engine and temperature lights on. Is there an idiots guide for how to use the VCDS software? Or where I need to look to find out what the check engine and temperature lights are indicating? I'm fairly technically literate, but I've discovered that my knowledge does not at all translate to car diagnostics. 😳

Any help would be appreciated.


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