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Ignition Coils in 2003 Beetle keep going out!!!!

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Loosing my mind here people! I have replaced all the spark plugs and the coils on my 2003 Beetle Turbo 1.8L at least 4 times, but the coils keep going out. I will replace one and it will work for like 30-45 days and then go out again, since I did not replace them all at the same time they go out randomly! This is killing me do you think there could be something causing this besides the coils themselves? They are aftermarket, and not the actual Volkswagen brand but I bought them at an auto parts store not online or anything. PLEASE HELP!!!!:confused:
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This doesn't exactly answer your question but VW had a recall on these about a year ago and would replace them for free, don't know what they will do for you now that you have after market coil packs but it maybe worth a call to your local dealer.

What brand of coil packs and from who are you buying them? Just because you are buying coil packs from an auto parts store doesn't mean they are of good quality.

Have you had your car scanned for codes? it may help in diagnosing your problem.

You are, I believe, referring to the Service Action Campaign, initiated in June 2004 regarding coil packs used in certain vehicles as defined by Circular and VIN. A copy is below

And as to the OPer's question. Cheap aftermarkets maybe, improper installation, must be some codes being thrown.



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This seems to be a recurring problem on some Beetles, mine included. I just ordered new coils from ESC Tuning. These are supposed to be the latest revised units. I also ordered the hold downs for them too. These will be the third set since I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago.:confused: Hopefully this will cure the problems.:)
I am not referring to the 2004 campaign,
I am referring to the May 2010 Service Action 28F3/P1 Ignition Coil Inspection/Replacement.

Hope this helps...

Krash is correct. There were two coil pack recalls. Get it to a dealer, have them run the VIN for open recalls, then register with VW to get recall letters.
The latest coil packs have made all the difference in my beetle; I haven't had any failures yet and the difference was night and day. In the previous generations of coils; I have coil packs fail on me twice; this is a common problem. There are some types that are supposed to be better then others; I would contact your dealer first and see if your car is in the recall campaign. If not; I would upgrade to the better and less failure prone coil packs, you should be able to call your service dept at your dealer and they can tell you if your car is in the recall over the phone with your vin #. Keep us posted on how things turn out.
Better yet!

Krash is correct. There were two coil pack recalls. Get it to a dealer, have them run the VIN for open recalls, then register with VW to get recall letters.
You can check for open recalls online with your VIN, go here -
VW Owners Portal < Volkswagen of America

You can call and update Ownership at this number
800 822 8987

Now, there is no excuse not to do both! (lol)

I should note that I had to replace a coil on my wife's 01 1.8T a few years after the first recall. When it went in for the 2010 recall, I demanded that they give me back the coil pack I had replaced. Good to have a spare...
coil packs

If it's of any help here is a picture of the two coil packs. The one on the right is the upgrade version, the left that says old is the recalled. Good luck man[QUOTE
Installed my new coils today. That is just what was needed. Runs like new again. These were the "R" models available from ECS Tuning. They have the Hitachi ones too. Wonder if they are better than the "R"'s?:confused:
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