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Ignition Switch replacement DIY

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Hi guys, I'm a long-time poster on these forums but my last how-to on installing an iPod dock was archived so I'm showing up in the forums as a new user. Anyway, my beetle is now long in the tooth and has run into the dreaded ignition switch short.

Symptoms are as follows.
Unresponsive non-essential column stalk controls such as signals, cruise control, and washer. Though high beam still works.
AC, Fan out but Hazard, radio, and ASR switch work fine (didn't check heated seats). Everything else works fine.

In my case, the battery top fuses and wiring were in perfect order so I'm now going to need to check under the dash. As this is a bit of a do, I'm thinking of posting my process as this seems to be a regular issue with new beetles of this generation. I've poured through the forums and found a Jetta/Golf-based tutorial but not beetle specific found here.

p.s. Mod, if I've placed this tutorial in the wrong category, please move me, but since I have a 1.8t this is where I posted.
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I had the headlights and other items go out on my 2005 convertible. Pulled the interior trim and pulled the plug off of the switch and sure enough the same positive connector is melted. I bought a new switch at Advance Auto Parts for $46 and will try the new switch out soon. This thread is a lifesaver! I had randomly smelled burning wires in the car a couple times over the weeks prior to the main failure, so I hope this is the fix. If it happens again I will need to figure out how to rewire the headlights through a relay or something.
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