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I'm a new Bugster

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I'm very happy with a 2003 Beetle Turbo GLS I purchased a couple of weeks ago. It has a few miles(160K) but it had a complete suspension rebuild,new tires and auto tranny rebuild. It handle very well and performance is much more than I expected. The fuel mileage is 31. I'll post pics pretty soon.
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A very warm welcome to the most awesome beetle site around. Hope to see a lot of pics of your beetle soon.

Welcome from Jacksonville, FL :wave2:
Thanks much! I actually needed some info about headlight adjustment and found the info I needed so I see the benefit of the experience of past problems that have positive results. I did fix my headlights and I am not blinding the drivers in any more.:cool:
I have a few more projects to complete to make this bug a pretty nice driver.
Welcome to the org, how about posting a picture of of your beetle?
Welcome to the org! Be sure to start a photo thread or a garage for your beetle! :goodjob:

My '03 Beetle...:)


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Hi welcome from another newbie :D
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