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i'm new to new beetles

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Hey all, I'm Greg, live here in Keizer Oregon.I had a 61 bug back in the day, duct tape and baling wire was all I needed to get her going.Fast forward 2014, I'm working on a 99 new beetle , no code reader so i'm just shooting in the dark.It fires then dies, After repeated attempts of turning the key, it finally runs barely, I don't know if pushing the key and wiggling it around keeps it running,bad switch maybe.

I was hoping maybe someone is fairly close to me ( Willamette Valley area, Salem, Portland ,Eugene, Oregon)that knows their way around one of these critters and would be willing to help me?

Flare #1 fired, S.O.S.

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Being 14 hours away isn't helpful. If you can get it to a autozone they can scan it and give you the code or an Amaco repair shop will scan it and give you the codes(this use to be a free service). In Ca they no longer scan because it takes money away from the repair shops.
Its really hard to troubleshoot without a code reader. You can pick up one on Amazon for a decent price.
Make the trip! These folks have are the best!

Double J Motorwerks-VW and Audi Specialists

They are the only ones I will let work on my VW!

By the way, Welcome to the Org, and I hope to meet you! :)
thanks all,Double J sounds like a great place,I'll check them out.

i got the codes read, what it says:

P1543 $10 other manufacturer control

P0341 $10 Camshaft position sensor A circuit Range Performance Bank 1 or single sensor

P1580 $10 Manufacturer Control

P0102 $10 Generic Mass or Volume Air flow A circuit low.
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You can lookup codes here: ross tech wiki: http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/

Here are Vw service manuals : http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/





Based upon the above codes; I would consider:

1. Throttle body
A. Cleaning and then do a throttle body alignment
B. Clear codes; see if they come back relating to the throttle body

2. Mass Air Flow Sensor
A. Remove and clean with CRC brand maf cleaner
B. Clear codes and see if any come back for the maf
C. You could also disconnect the plug to the maf and see if it runs any different, if it doesn't the maf maybe bad, further testing would be a good idea but that is a basic easy (not definitive), check to try.

Seeing how you just got the car; those could be very old codes, as they stay indefinitely in memory, until they are cleared. Clear the codes and after cleaning the maf and throttle body, see what comes back. It would also, be a good idea to get your own VW compatible scan tool: on the cheap side look at the Vgate vs450 on Amazon or go factory level with the ross tech VCDS from Ross Tech.

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Adapt your throttle body! I had the P1580 code and my 99' Beetle did the same thing. It cost me $65 from a mechanic. Or try disconnecting the battery for a bit, then reconnecting it, turn your key to the ON position(DON'T START) for 8-15 minutes. It adapted my throttle body after a ECU swap. Hope you get it running!
adapt the throttle body sounds like the ticket, I'll give it a shot this weekend,thanks
Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and thanks for posting a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
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