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Immobilizer problem - Solved

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Good day. Just passing along this information for whom it may help.

I unlocked my beetle using the key fob, while I was getting my phat behind on the seat, I noticed the locks for engaged; horn confirmation and everything.

Got the key in the slot, turned, cranked and died. This 3 times.

A friend with the VAGCOM came to help. Connected the interface and the code read "Engine shut down by immobilizer".

I got no cluster confirmation about this. Despite knowing that the LED turns when turning the key and all.

So I read a few comments on this site... started with the simplest one.

disconnected the battery, waited 15 min, connected it again and presto. Car started right up again, as it nothing had happened.

I guess this resetted the computer.

Just posting this along, hoping it may help someone else.


Please note... there was NO IMMOBILIZER icon on the dash, lighting or blinking or otherwise. VAGCOM said the immobilizer was on eitherway
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what year and model of new beetle are we talking about? Please post any and all trouble codes; the immobilizer system can get confused with low voltage or charging problems. I would have your charging and electrical system tested; to make sure everything is working as it should.
Based upon how the car responded when you opened the door; I am also wondering whether your door latch microswitches are messed up! Possibly needing to be repaired or the latch replaced?

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I had the same thing happening with my wife's Phoebe ('03 GLS CC). It would do the crank/fire/die. I don't have access to VAGCOM, so I decided to wing it:

  1. Disconnected battery
  2. Cleaned (wire brush) all contacts, including those in the battery top fuse block
  3. Reestablished good grounding where I could find contacts (loosened, rotated, retightened)
Put her all back together, and she started/ran like nothing had ever been wrong. I even thought I heard a snicker as her starter screeched.
ITs a 2003 TurboS and I will get my charging system checked right away.

That is correct, I have the microswitch problems with the switches on the "closed" position, so the car always thinks the doors are shut.
Here is a interesting video; about working with problematic door switches (cleaning microswitches):

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