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Hello all, so the issue is with my 2000 nb 2.0 .when to start her the other day and as soon as I started to turn the key, there was a pop and now the key just turns from the off to on position with minimal resistance( way less than before) and literally has no resistance from the on position to the start position. The immobilizer light and the console lights stay on the whole time until I remove the negative wire from the battery. And I have let it sit for more than 12 hours and as soon as I negative back on or re connect the battery whatsoever no key in the ignition immobiliser light comes on brake light comes on check engine light comes on but absolutely nothing else will work I can't get it to start I can't even get all these lights and turn off... Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

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You most likely have a problem with a failure; of one of the three parts that makes up the ignition system:

1. key lock/tumbler
2. barrel/column lock
3. electrical switch

Look at the parts diagram shown here: #6, #8, #9:

SHROUD, SWITCHES & LEVERS.. Fits: 2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0L M/T | Volkswagen of America, Inc.

The #8:

Ignition Starter Switch. Ignition switch.
COUPE,; Ignition switch. PARTS: Part included with Steering lock..
Volkswagen part #: 4B0905849

Typically, provides the resistance/electrical connection, when turning the key and if that got wiped out, is most likely the problem. This can be removed easily and replaced without removing the steering wheel and airbag. You should have no problem finding this part; as it is used on allot of different Volkswagens, just try to stay away from the cheapest low quality versions from vendors like: URO, HAMBURG TECHNIC, MTC, ETC.


Here is a DIY; on replacing the switch: (be sure to check for melted wiring and damage/melting to the plug that goes to the switch).


More problems; can be related to the key lock/tumbler or the barrel/steering column lock. The tumbler will usually cause binding when turn the key or just won't turn. For the barrel; it can internally break and the key will just spin; as this provides the link from the key to the electrical switch. Also, the steering column lock can jam or not release and this can be related to the barrel as well.

If after replacing the switch; it seems like the tumbler is binding, you might consider replacing that. I replaced the switch and the key tumblr/lock and it made a HUGE difference on my 2002 and turning the key was much easier, the switch action was better. If you think the tumbler is bad; get one from your local VW dealer, based on your VIN # and it will match your key. A auto locksmith; might have options as well and can repair your tumblr but I find it typically cheaper to fix it yourself.

Service manual pages: key lock removal


While, it doesn't sound like the case here; if you had to replace the barrel/steering column lock; that would require airbag/steering wheel removal.
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