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Recently bought a 53 plated Beetle convertible which has been lovely to drive. However there it has developed an issue. The drivers door was difficult to open; it would "stick" and require a push as well as pulling on the lever to open it. Until today when it wouldn't open at all.

The locking system works and it doesn't seem to be a problem on the outside as the drivers door latch works to open the door. The passenger door also works fine. Therefore it seems to be an issue with the interior door lever not unlocking the door.

Has anyone had any experience with this on their Beetle? If so was it an issue with replacing the door latch or required more of replacing the lock? Also is it a job that I could tackle. I've seen other posts on how to remove the door with photos but no post on how to replace the door latch.

I hope someone has insights into fixing this issue (and will happy to share them! :))


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Here is the component you are dealing with, of course the opposite hand on your side of the pond, something loose or something broke. No a rocket science job, but you want to have a replacement available while you have the door all apart, in case you have to change it. There are several good DIYs I have that I'll will fetch and post up in a bit. If someone doesn't come along before me.

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