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Hi everybody I have a beautiful red beetle called bettyboop I have had her for nine years and for the last three/four years she has had a problem which has had lots of money spent on her trying to resolve and is getting worse to the point that problems occur every day several times on a short journey.

She can drive as sweet as a nut then for no rhyme or reason the following faults can occur individually or all together.

1. will start revving on its own stationery or moving but accelerator pedal is non responsive.

2. Loss of power feels like its being starved or throttled seems to go into limp mode.

3. Becomes very jerky when foot comes of accelerator and doesn't coast to a stop will jerk & nearly stall.

The following items have been replaced - Lambada sensor - several breather pipes - accelerator pedal - throttle body.

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Bettyboop is fast becoming BETTYBOOOOO HOOOOO
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