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Intermittent STOP! Oil Pressure Buzzer

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Hello everyone. I have read through the posts on this site and found tons of helpful information. I am having an issue with my oil pressure buzzer and the CEL. The car displays the oil pressure buzzer intermittently and throws a P0442 (Evap leak Small) code. Not sure if the evap code is relevant to this issue. The engine has been recently rebuilt (less than 2K miles ago). New oil pump, pick up screen and both oil pressure sensors. I am running synthetic oil and have put a gauge on the engine and have confirmed that I have good oil pressure. Another post in this forum mentioned that the cooling system can sometimes affect this light. They recommend switching out the temp sensor and the coolant tank. I did that tonight. Drove the car about 3 miles before the oil pressure buzzer came back on.

At this point I am desperate for ideas. I really don't want to go to the dealership but everything I can think of has been done to correct this issue. I don't have a Vag Comm. Am I correct in thinking that they are primarily for German cars? Once I clear up this message, this car is gonna be sold so I don't really want to order one if I can't use it on other cars. I may be way off base in my thinking though. I do have an OBDII reader that displays live data but I am not sure what I am looking for.

Any help is appreciated!
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Ok, lets start from the beginning; what year, model, engine code and trans is the car in question?
Car is a 2001 VW Passat with the 1.8 turbo. Odometer reads 126K but engine has 2K on rebuild. Engine code is AWM and it is an automatic front wheel drive.
Why was the original engine rebuilt; did the car have a oil sludge problem?

Who did the work; what level of expertise do they have? (e.g. normal shop; specialized vw shop etc.)

When you had the oil pressure tester installed; what was the psi?

When you replaced the coolant temp sensor; what location was it? (There can be more than one)

Did you inspect and test the wiring; from the coolant temp sensor and confirm the plug was in good condition?

Have you gotten any trouble codes; related to the cooling system?

Did you replace the the thermostat and is the cooling system temps correct?
(e.g. the temp in the speedo and what the temps are showing in the live data/scan tool?)

What scan tool are you using?

While the new beetle and Passat have a similar engine; they are different cars. I would be looking at PassatWorld.com or audizine.com for help as well.

As a basis for testing and diagnosing problems; I suggest we start with the service manual here:

2001 Passat Sedan with 1.8T (engine code AUG)


2002 passat 1.8t wagon (engine code AWM)

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A excellent thread; that you should check out is on Audizine, MUST READ INFO! :)

I haven't seen anything; at this depth before. Check out the section on the oil pressure testing procedures and the light/buzzer, how it works.

1.8t Oil Pressure Survival Guide and troubleshooting DIY

PS: Question: if you just had someone rebuilt the engine and the oil pressure light is coming on, why not take it back to them? After thousands of dollars in repair costs to replace/rebuild the engine; I think, they should stand behind their work. IMHO, they should make it right and fix it.
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