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Ironclad Auto Transport

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I just shipped a 2002 5-speed Snap Orange color concept New Beetle from Seattle Washington to my home in Jacksonville Fl.

It was so easy and not really that expensive. I paid $1,500 for the enclosed trailer to drive the car I just purchased almost 4,000 miles. An enclosed trailer was a couple hundred dollars more than an open air transport but to me it was worth it. The car arrived ahead of schedule and had absolutely no damage or issues stemming from the transport. I was in the trailer with a BMW M4, Porsche 911 GS, A Ford model A, and a Ferrari of some type of which I know not.

I worked with Josh at Ironclad Auto Transport and it was the easiest and fastest part of the whole transaction of buying a car on the other side of the continent. IF YOU EVER NEED TO SHIP A CAR, THESE GUYS ARE THE ONES TO CALL!

I had no idea what I was doing and they walked me through it and made it a great experience.
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And......I love that you adopted that CC. I was really hoping it was true! :party:
Oh it's true

I am glad I picked him up. He is in great shape. This week he gets a t-belt, serp belt, water pump and new hoses at the dealer so it's in the database and also shows up on the carfax.

I have decided to go with a plastic impeller water pump. I know all the experts are going to say I am wrong, but after talking to a handful of VW mechanics and two dealers it's pretty much unanimous. If a metal impeller breaks or comes apart the metal vanes tear up the inside of the pumps housing. if the plastic vanes break the car just overheats which is much easier to deal with than a seized engine. I have talked to over 10 experienced mechanics who repair vws every day for a living and this is the route they suggest.

One of them is even trying to buy Cheeto from me!.

I'll keep you posted on all the mods in the appropriate forum.
Good to know about Ironclad. It seems my best NB prospects are well away from me. I drove 1,500 miles to get my '14 Tiguan home. I could afford the time then and I drove through states I hadn't ever visited, but I can't really say I enjoyed it.

I also agree about enclosed versus open air. My Thing was transported frugally, and I definitely won't go that route again.
My mechanics all said same about the plastic impeller water pump. That's what Iggy has and Batman.

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Hiring a transportation company for transporting is really a good option as it removes the big issue of transporting the vehicle. I have also shipped my car from Fresno to long beach in enclosed trailers, choosing this really gives me a good experience of transportation. They guaranteed me that we will transport it without damaged. As in enclosed trailer, there is no effect of climate change and the number of vehicle is less which is transported securely under the guidance of experts.
What can you say about U-ship delivery? A good friend of mine always tells me that this service is the best one. Of course, I respect his choice, but I am not sure about its definitive correctness. I know several episodes when people were not satisfied with the professional level of this company. As for me, I always try to use only one proven resource. The most curious thing is that my favorite company pays huge attention to car shipping company scams and many other nuances. I guess it really speaks for itself, do you agree with me?
I did U-ship once. Shipped from Michigan to Pennsylvania, the vehicle (nissan) arrived early. The driver was a Russian who barely spoke english driving a Dodge deisel towing an open trailer, the truck was leaking oil all over the road as it set idling. The vehicle was undamaged and I had no complaints, I actually thought the surrounding circumstances were kind of funny.
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