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Is anyone here an Amsoil "preferred customer"?

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I know those with a membership get 25% off their orders. I'm hoping to buy a few quarts of oil and was wondering if anyone had a membership that they wouldn't mind letting me use their discount and pay them via Paypal or something like that. ?

Not sure if this is even allowed to be asked, or if it would be better suited for the marketplace or something.

Thanks :)
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I would personally stick with a full synthetic VW certified oil manufactured by a well known company (e.g. Mobil or Castrol).

oilspecifications.org - Lubricant standards and specifications
Is anyone here an Amsoil "preferred customer"?

The amsoil engine oil that I use; has the Volkswagen certified spec printed, right on the bottle. You can look up the recommended spec oil on the amsoil website and order it as well. I have been very happy with it and I changed over from Mobil 1 0W-40, which tended to have increased use when it was getting close to change time (required me to add oil).

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