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I have a 2002 GLX with 127k miles on it. In the past couple of months my car will occasionally act in strange and unusual ways.

When I turn off the car and remove the key the following happens:
- the radio turns back on (factory original)
- the alarm is enabled
- the gas gauge does not zero out (sometimes)
- the spoiler goes up and down the next time I drive

I am not accidentally arming the alarm as neither key fob has functioned since they individually went through the laundry.

Replacing the ignition switch is the only electrical work performed on this car in the last 4 years.

I can use the hard key to disarm the alarm and the radio button to turn off the radio. The gas gauge gets closer to zero each time the car is started eventually going back to normal.

Any ideas? I hope it is something as simple as swap fuse X.


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The key wouldn't really have anything to do with the radio....I say it might be an ignition switch issue, or some other kind of electrical gremlin. I'm no mechanic, but I can say, good luck to you!

I, too have the 02 GLX, and I have 137k. It got a new ignition switch last year.
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