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is their a how to on replacing heater hose ?

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hey guys so I'm replacing my heater hose on my 02 beetle an i just wanted to know if their was a step by step way that i can replace it. i just want to make sure I'm doing it rite. heres the part number 1c0121081b. thanks for any help
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There isn't much to know; the one side at the flange, is just removing the clamp and the heater core end, requires, you move the lock wire and then you remove it. A jetta I worked on; had the heater core part; stuck on there and the plastic was so brittle, that I carefully cut, broke the pieces off to remove that end. I used a cutting wheel; to put a cut line in the plastic and then helped break off the plastic parts and remove it without breaking the heater core portion, which would be VERY easy to break. You have to be VERY careful; if you do it the way I didi it. This is because the hose coupler end is plastic; as is the heater core end. If you cut or broke the heater core "male" portion, you would have to replace the whole heater core (no fun and allot of work). I did not try any penetrating fluid or something like PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench etc.; doing that, might help but I was under a tight deadline to get the job done and just cut/broke the pieces off. Good luck and take your time, try some penetrant fluid and don't pull too hard on the heater core ends! Or be very careful; if you cut/break off the female part of the quick connect, on the end of the hose. :cool:
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thanks billy. i got it done. thankfully the plastic connected to the firewall didn't break because i heard u have to pull out the dash to get to that. it took some wiggling to take the part off but after 30 min i got it off lol
Cool, glad to hear you got it handled! The cars I work on around here; are in the extreme climate of the desert, so the plastics get really weathered. We don't have a rust problem but anything plastic or rubber, gets nuked by the desert weather! :mad:

So, where and what brand hose, did you end up getting? Did you get the part #; off of the hose itself or did we identify the right one?
I live in Los Angeles and rite now it's really hot. But I'm sure it's way hotter in the desert. So yea that hose # was the rite one. I actually ended up going to the be dealer and got the hose for 30 bucks with a 10% discount. Like u told me i rather buy a quality part than buying some cheap 10 dollar part. 30 bucks it's worth it
Yeah, sometimes; I get parts from the local vw dealer (I don't like to; as their prices are insane) but you just need to get the job done quick (time constraints). In most cases; the genuine VW parts are going to be high quality, doing it once and doing it right, is the way to go. I don't like doing repairs over again (don't set yourself up for failure; if I can avoid it); high quality parts are the way to go! :) Being in LA; you might look around for some independent parts places in your particular area. There are tons of VW's in SoCal and that might save you some money on genuine vw or high quality oem parts, if you can find alternative source other than the dealer (having a older VW; you WILL be buying parts). Many times; you don't have the luxury of waiting for parts ordered online; you need them now! :shoot:

Even though parts can be expensive; I figure, since I am doing the work myself, it is still WAAAYYY cheaper and I am saving a lot of money, compared having a pro do the work. I can only imagine; how much a vw dealer, would have charged you, to replace that cooling hose!
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Yea I'm sure theirs other places around here that sell genuine vw parts but sometimes I'm just too lazy to look around lol. I also wonder how much the damn delarship would of charged me to fix that hose that one took me like 30 min to change lmao. I kinda want to find out just for laughs lol. Man I wish u lived in Los Angeles because I would want u to b my mechanic lol. I need the ac fixed and I think that's just a little to much work for me lol.
Just my car; keeps me busy! :) You might start another thread; about your a/c problems, it may be something that is easy to fix! We have some sharp people around here; who have been doing complete a/c replacements lately with all the summer heat! Some people; have been lucky and fixed their a/c without having to replace the whole system (Climate Control unit, fuse panel on top of the battery; being classic issues).
Thanks a lot. I will do that
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