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Issue with Power Locking System

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When the car was given to me the power locks, trunk release, and key fob didn't work. I got the power locks and trunk release to work by replacing relay #100. I got a key fob from an Audi and set it to my car. All was and has been well up until a few weeks ago. My power locks stopped working, so I removed relay 100 and plugged it back in and it started working. Last weekend it did the same thing so I tried removing the relay and plugging it back in again, but it didn't work. So, naturally, I thought it was a faulty relay, so I went and got 2 more relays out of a 2001 Jetta 2.0 and a 1999 New Beetle 2.0, plugged it in and nothing happened. So I looked at my fuses and all were good, but when I plugged fuse #38 into the slot I heard the relay click. The power locks were working:D! The fob wasn't so I thought I had to reset or reprogram it, but every time I try to do it, the power locks stop working. Go to the fuse panel and remove fuse 38 and re install and they start working again. I have tried resetting my key probably 8 times now and the same thing keeps happening:mad:, Whats causing this? I t makes no sense.

what I have tried so far:
replacing fuse 38(both the original and replacement were 15 amp)

replacing relay 100 3 times

resetting key fob with instructions in the owners manual

reprogramming key with instructions in the owners manual

Checking batteries in key fob

making sure batteries are installed correctly in fob

disconnecting car battery for a few minutes

Car is a 1999 New Beetle GL(no power windows or cruise control)
2.0 AEG

Key is from a 1999 Audi A6 2.8l V6

Key was gotten over a year ago, and whenever the power locks go out the trunk switch will not work. When using the door lock to lock the car, both locks depress at the same time, and using the key in the trunk, the releasing mechanism works perfectly.

I got the car about 2 1/2 years ago.

Please help me! I really need my key fob, I can't unlock the car from the door lock without the alarm going off, I have to open the trunk, then get in and start it. It really isn't fun
Thank you!
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Your alarm not turning off when you use the key in the door is a sure indication of a bad door latch:


The latch is not sending the signal to the car that the key has been turned so the alarm is not turned off. It also means that you won't be able to program the remote since the car uses the same signal from the door latch as part of the programming procedure. Chances are that the latch is causing all your problems.
I know the latch is broken, but the car gets the signal when locking which is what's needed to program the key. And the locks stop working of I lock the car with the door lock. I have a 98' door module on the passenger side and it gets the signal for locking and unlocking with the key, I will try programming the key with my door lock on the passenger side and let you know how it goes.
No, doesn't work. Everytime the alarm is set(on either passenger or drivers side), I have to remove and reinstall fuse #38 in order make the opener locks work
Got a new ccm and better fuses, will let you know the outcome
Nope, New ccm didn't fix the issue, I've replaced fuse #38 again with a higher quality fuse and it's still doing the same thing. I will get another door latch but I need to know what else to check, the car has always had a bad door latch, but this just started. I'm honestly stumped and I've never felt this confused with my car, ever
The problem with the door latches is solder joints that go bad, so the connections will be intermittent. They may work for a while, then stop and then work again. Exactly which combination of connections is bad at any given time will determine what doesn't work so you can get flaky operation. And I think that you need to be able to both lock and unlock the door to do the key programming procedure.

It isn't too hard to take the latch apart and reflow all the solder joints if you are handy.
I know about the latch, but this isn't that issue. I would always occasionally lock my car using the door lock instead of the key, just because. But now if I do that(locking the car from the outside) the power lock and trunk switches stop working from inside the car. I then have to get in my car, remove fuse #38, and reinstall the fuse. The fuse NEVER has blown, it just simply has to be removed and reinstalled in order for the power lock and trunk switches to work from inside the car. Because of this, I am unable to set my key fob to my car.
The procedure for setting a fob to my car is the following:
1.) Turn key in ignition to "ON", Do not start
2.) Lock vehicle manually from the outside of the vehicle
3.) Press unlock or lock button once for one second (on fob)
4.) After waiting at least 2 seconds, press the unlock or lock button again for one second (on fob)
5.) Remove key from ignition.

That's it and that is how I set the first Audi fob.
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Got 2 new latches today, getting ready to install them. Will let you know the outcome.
Put them in and I am still getting the same issue. It is not the door latches. Whenever the alarm is set, the power locking system fails, I then must remove fuse #38 and put it back in. When I install it, the CCM clicks(usually), then I am able to use the power locking switches and trunk release. The fuse also controls the puddle light and other interior lights, but they work even when the power locks don't.
Parts replaced so far:
Both door latches(both work perfectly)
Fuse #38
Relay 100
You helped me fix my problem

My remotes quit working yesterday for my 02 TDI.

After many hours of searching and tinkering, I stumbled on your post. Following your methods, I eventually pulled fuse #14, stared at it quizzically, and put it back. Now my remotes work.

Any ideas what I might have reset or why it worked?
You must of reset the ccm, they get little glitches sometimes. My fob still doesn't work
You must of reset the ccm, they get little glitches sometimes. My fob still doesn't work
What do you mean reset the ccm
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