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Name/Theme Feedback - LTNG BUG with

  • Ghost lightning bolts on sides . . .

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  • Ghost lighning bolts on hood , , ,

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  • Other ideas for this name/theme . . .

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  • Name or theme already done (give link if avail) . . .

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  • Other ideas for Cyber Green name/theme (give links if avail) . . .

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I purchased this NB from a former newbettle.org member last spring. I take no credit for the great job he did on the mods and the great care he took of this sweet bug. I have added some temp interior "girlie" decor, which I have been told by family members is completely overboard, but this is my first bug so I'm enjoying the fun and feel sure the decor will change to something more tasteful soon. Would love to do something like what members have done here with their NB's.

Here is the mods list (compiled by CosmicGreen, former owner and .org member)...

Neuspeed Supercharger (6 psi Boost) with high altitude pulley
Optima Yellow Top Battery
Sport exhaust
UNI Filter Cold Intake
ABD carbon fiber engine cover
B&M Short Shifter.

Niche 18" Rims BFGR Euro-TA Tires
H&R Sport springs
EBC Green stuff Brake Pads
Zimmerman Cross Drilled Rotors.

Momo Raptor Shift Knob
Bernt Fiber Glass gauge pod
VDO Gauges (Boost, Voltage, Temp) with blue LED
Aluminum Racing Pedals
Aluminum foot rest
Corbeau racing seats - FOR SALE - e-mail me if interested - pic below

Complete stereo mod
Rockford 360a2
Sony ES CD head unit
1 Farad Cap
Rockford mids
2x12 HE2's subs in custom professionally installed enclosure
CW Vega (highs) speakers
Active matrix Audiovox 5.6" tv in built in over head enclosure
DVD player

Clear corners lights
altezzas tail brake lights
Euro Rear Fog lens
Autobahn Design Cup Bumper and Custom fog lights
FK Rear Diffuser (REAR BUMPER)
Headlight Mod (black)
All work has been VW Certified tech/or profesionally done.
Here are the pics... I'm sure some of you will recognize the Bug...


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The exterior of your Beetle is truly awesome and I love your wheels. However, sorry, I cannot say same thing about inside. It looks like my lil sister's rooom which is always a mess. I was never a fan of any kind of covers, be it steering wheel or seat. Of course, it's just my opinion and girls may think differentely.

Don't let my words do something you like and besides the interior, your car is a beuty and I wish mine was just as nice...


Edit: As far as outside modding, I wouldn't change a thing :)

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Very nice welcome to the org. It is yours to make of it what you will, dont change for anybody on the org. I would hate to log on some time in the future and see all new beetles looking the same. On the name just drive it and it will come to you.:)
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