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I have a '04 TDI with 5 speed. I put installed K&N Filter and am avg about 46 mpg combined city/highway. I have been searching high and low for an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust system. Anyone out there put one on yet? Brand? Recommendations? I want a turbo back 3" stainless if that is an option. This is with the thought of chipping the engine at a later date. Also wanted to know who makes the best chip for these TDIs? I am changing oil about every 2500-3000 miles and am trying to be as reqular as possible. Any other maintenance pitfalls? I love my Kermit! Replies appreciated.:)

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You can go 10k on the oil first off. It's designed to do that...if you're using the right oil (and I hope you are...otherwise BAD things will happen...I've seen pics).

That being said, I'm running a 2.5" GHL DP with a custom-bent 2.5" pipe, no muffler. It sounds like a VR6, and is only slightly louder than stock. The turbo acts as a muffler.

I have RC3/PD150 injectors and I'm pushing 160whp...on the stock airfilter. No need for a K&N.

For now, you can just perform a mufflerectomy and put a 24" long pipe out the back with a nice tip. That's all you need until you decide to big turbo it.

Hope this helps. :O)

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Couple of comments:

- if you are using the correct oil for your Beetle you SHOULD be going 10K miles between oil changes
- if you are not using the right oil for your TDI then do so immediately if not sooner

- the TDI as is and even mildly enhanced breathes just fine
- no need for K&N and I would recommend to put the stock setup back on, mainly an opinion though from talking about this with other people (Friends don't let friends buy K&N)
- Again, TDI breathes just fine even with performance enhancements, the only thing you need exhaust for would be for sound (personal preference) or if you really get into the enhancements then you might need it to keep EGTs (exhaust temps) down...i'd do the mufflerectomy if you really want to do something and see how you like it

Chips (who makes the best one)
- you'll get all kinds of answers to this mainly based on what people did to theirs...there are people though that have done both and recommend RocketChip, i think you'd be fine with either
- if/when I get one I will get the RocketChip stage 2, mainly because I'll be getting enough performance increase but not so much that I have to do other mods
- if you are looking for a single mod to do though others have recommended just upgrading the injectors instead...additionally if you get a chip first you might have to have it reprogrammed after you get injectors down the road

Anyway...these are just some things you might want to take into consideration. Much of this is opinion after reading a ton of information for myself...just remember it's worth what you paid for it ;)
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