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I bought a 2003 Beetle for my Daughter's 16th birthday from a private seller. It's generally mechanically sound but the car only came with 1 key. It's only a matter of time before my daughter loses the only key.

I purchased a couple of extra keys online but ultimately failed to get the immobilizer working. I ended up having to pay a huge price to the dealer for OEM Fobs + another $200 for programming.

The immobilizers and ignition now work but the dealer could not program the remote Fob because the door lock actuators in both doors are throwing up an error code that they could not clear. Their suggested fix was replacing both actuators at $700 per door, which seems outrageous.

If I buy and install two new door lock actuators (I am fairly mechanically inclined) will I have to get the immobilizers programmed again? Any gotchas I'm missing with my plan of doing this myself?

Same dealer also quoted me $1,100 to replace both lower ball joints, which again is crazy so not putting a lot of faith in what I am hearing from them.
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