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I purchased a 2003 Beetle Hatchback for my daughter's 16th birthday. It only came with 1 key. It's only a matter to time before she loses it so I purchased a couple of fobs online. After spending a lot of time and running around, I could not get the immobilizers programmed.

next step was the dealer where I paid an arm and a leg for new Fobs plus $200 to program them. The dealer told me that they got the immobilizers programmed but could not program the remotes because both door lock actuators where throwing up an error that they could not clear.

They graciously offered to replace the actuators for $700 per door then reprogram the Fobs for another $200. Way more than I am looking to drop on this fix.

I saw that Deutche auto has OEM door lock actuators available and the replacement procedure is straight-forward (I am reasonably mechanically included).

If I replace the actuators myself, will the immobilizers need to be replaced\reporgrammed? Are there any gotchas I am overlooking with programming with programming or the car security if I replace the actuators myself?
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