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Key fob remote will not program

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Okay, I have a 99' New Beetle 2.0. The key fob stopped working around March. And I had an issue with my locks whenever I locked the doors manually. Whenever I locked it, the interior door lock switches would stop working, in order to fix I had to take fuse 38 out and put it back in. I eventually replaced both door harnesses and now that issue is fixed. The key fob still will not set. I can unlock and lock the car manually with zero problems. I tried using the instructions in the owners manual and every other set of instructions I have found online with no luck. I have tried a new CCM, new fob batteries, new door latches, and multiple remotes. I do not have vcds, but I do have a VAG scanner and there are no faults in the ccm. Its really hard to explain, I will take a video and post it asap. Also, all replacement parts had the SAME part numbers. Please help me get this sorted! Its very frustrating!
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Its almost as though the car just doesn't go into the programming mode(?) And the car cannot be locked or unlocked by the switches until it is unlocked manually. Thanks for any advice, tips, etc!
Do you only have one key or two? I'd get your hands on VCDS so you can run through this procedure: Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Remote Control Matching Info
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