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Latly when inserting key in ignition switch its getting more & more difficult to turn key and start the car....I know u sometimes have to rock steering wheel to let ig sw turn and start car...but this is getting to be a problem...Last thing I want to do is break the key off in ig switch....any quick answers or suggestions?....thnx....its a 2008 bug/vert
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There are three parts to the ignition/key/switch/barrel etc.:

a. key tumbler: part the key goes into
b. middle section "barrel" links the key and the switch together, locks the steering column
c. electrical portion on the end; the "switch"

In my case; the tumbler was worn out and was making it bind, hard to turn at time and I replaced the electrical switch on the end, it was much easier to turn after I installed the new parts. The center barrel was free of any binding and I didn't replace that part. When I checked out the electrial switch portion; it was hard to turn, was binding and the plastic was cracked, a new one worked much better and was easier to turn.

I would recommend you remove the barrel and inspect the each part for binding; anyone of the three parts, can cause a hard to turn situation.

Check out this link; for more info:

Ignition switch and lock cylinder removal and repair on VW and Audi | VW TDI forum, Audi, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze diesel forum
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Thnx Billy for the comeback...Have to figure this out...My electrical part seems to be ok..Just a bitch to get the key to go into the run& start position.....
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