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keyless access (starting) problems

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Hello - I have a 2013 Beetle TDI, with keyless access/starter. This is the third time I have had a problem starting the vehicle, it does not start and then the engine control malfunction indicator flashes. 1st time had it towed to dealership, they replaced key and put new battery in second key. 2nd time, it started after a few minutes, but still took to dealership. VW told them to replace the starter. Now it did it again. They have no idea what could be wrong -- anyone out there having/had same problem?? Very frustrating to have dependability issues with a brand new car.
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Tough to know; unless you start scanning the car for codes and troubleshooting it... of course, its under warranty so the dealer has to figure it out. If you had your own scan tool and were able to read the codes; it might give you a idea, where to look/troubleshoot the problem. Dealing with VW Service at some dealerships, can be a exercise in extreme frustration; especially, when they are incompetent or are unable to troubleshoot a problem correctly. You might want to post this in the vwvortex section for the Beetle; much more activity over there.... maybe someone else has experienced your problem.

VWVORTEX is much more tech oriented and many people over there, have done much and gone through many teething problems, these newer models have had.

The Beetle

Have you called Volkswagen of America Customer Care line?:

VW Owner’s Customer CARE
You can give us a call or send us an email. Either way, VW customer service is easy to reach.
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. LOCAL
Monday – Friday
EMAIL US: Contact Us

Having had allot of issues; with my older new beetles when I got them new, I would say get VERY aggressive about pursuing the problem and let vw know, it is totally unacceptable for the car to be the inoperable condition its in. I would get ahold of the regional VW rep; contact him and also, look into any lemon law options you have in Arizona.

The KEY to to get aggressive and get the situation handled SOONER; rather then later, when the car ages, warranties go out etc., it is harder to get things done through Volkswagen, as time goes on... the car gets older. Be FIRM but you don't have to be abusive :); let them (VW) know, it is unacceptable and give them a opportunity to make it right or tell them you don't want the car anymore. Good luck; put the pressure on VW and if you decide you want out of the car, tell them you have lost faith in the vehicle and are pursuing a lemon law or buyback situation and see what they will do for you. You need to figure out a game plane before you deal with them; keep it... let them try to fix it, tell them you want another car or that you want out of the car. The decision is yours.
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Extremely helpful response. Thank you, I appreciate that someone agrees this is unacceptable and not just 'quirks' of new car.
Any updates on your situation? Have you called Volkswagen of America Customer Care line; what was their response to your problems? Can you post a picture; of the light that is flashing? Do you have access to a scan tool; to see what the trouble codes are?
Hello - I did contact VW customer care, they asked me to take car back in so they can work w/ the dealership. It is pending outcome at this point. Ironically, a second issue cropped up where I get a message "key not in range", when the key is in range. As I was with my service advisor today it happened again -- and he indicated there was another car in for service with this secondary issue. According to my service advisor the fault codes are showing same issue as before, (previously they replaced key, and the starter). They are also checking the grounds to make sure something is not failing there. Will keep posted. My service advisor is good guy, making sure he is posting every small issue, in the event that this goes to a buy back situation - he agrees it is unacceptable to have this many problems w/ a brand new vehicle. In the event this gets to a buy back situation, any advice on fair value of what they should pay? I Have no idea how that works related to depreciation, miles I have put on the car, etc. I own the vehicle - it was not financed. Would like to be prepared for any direction this may turn. Thanks!!
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re: questions
unfortunately I did not get a pic of the indicator when it was occurring. And I do not have access to a scan tool, relying on the dealership....
Well, I hope your issues; get resolved! Based upon my experience with a buyback with my 2000 GLX Turbo; keep in contact with VW Customer Care and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Every call; response, receipt from your dealer, times you went back, resolved or not resolved issues etc. I eventually got the regional VW rep involved and thats how I got my buyback handled; he/she is the person, you will eventually have to interface with. At that point; the dealer really isn't the one who handles the situation; they handle the service as a dealer but Volkswagen of America, has to do the actual buyback or resolve issues with taking back the car, getting you another one, refund, lemon law, etc. My VW rep experience; was not a pleasant one and you need to be firm, hold your ground and the magic words "I do not have faith in this car anymore", seems to indicate to them, you are done. He tried to argue with me; told me what the problems with car were "normal", basically try to stonewall, get away with the problems, and not have to deal with the situation. I basically; told my rep, that I had so many issues with my car and the dealer was unable to resolve them (I had trans grinding gears; even after they rebuilt it, plus a zillion other issues that had to be repaired... it was a lemon nightmare!) and I was going to go through a lemon law process, I gave them an opportunity to work with me and they took the car back. I made it clear in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that I was DONE with the car and the issues with it, were unacceptable! So, his attempts to placate me; at that point, were irrelevant. Things went like this: I paid depreciation for the vehicle; miles/time used and spent extra money and got a 2 year newer car. So, again; you have to decide what YOU want to do but when you make the decision, BE FIRM, STAND YOUR GROUND AND REFUSE TO BE INTIMIDATED OR NOT GET WHAT YOU NEED OR HAVE DECIDED TO DO! In my case; my game plan, was I did NOT want the car anymore and stated I was done with it; if they could help me, thats fine.. if NOT thats fine too! I was going to lemon law the car; I would not put up with it any longer, it was unacceptable as it was and would NOT function as it should . End of story... its all about a game plan and sticking to it. Also, decide: 1. if you want another vw 2. if you want $ back 3. want something else from the dealer or just get away from VW altogether. Its up to you; you need to figure out what you want and what your end game/goals are. Hope this helps; keep us informed as things progress and how everything works out for you.. Good luck! :)
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Same issue

My 2013 Beetle has been in the shop for over 2 weeks now. i have had for 14 months/10k miles. I had the same problem where the button wouldnt recognize the key to start the engine. now they say they have replaced the button, and tried several other things but it's still not running and they now dont have a key that works...

This is frustrating, I loved that car but now I am concerned when/if i get it back its never going to be the same.
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