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im asking this on behalf of my sister who has a 02 GLS beetle with black leather seats but there not heated. does anyone know if there is any way to put seat heaters from a wrecked bug into her seats. or take seats with heaters and take the switches out and wire it up. if those are not possible is there a good after market kit?
The heating elements can probably be added to her seats out of a donor, ditto the switches, however, it is doubtful the vehicle is wired for either. Her seats are probably not leather either, but what is referred to in the VW world as "Leatherette" a "leathery" name for vinyl, once marketed under the trade name of naugahyde. Most ppl do not know the difference, and are easily fooled. The heated factory seats are typically standard in the trim levels where leather is used instead of "Leatherette". Some are so good the only way to tell the difference is by smell; if it doesn't smell like leather, it isn't. Leather requires a totally different cleaning process and must have a maintenance program not required of "Letherette". Even with the true leather trim, the door panels are Leatherette.

It would be very advisable to review a wiring schematic for the heated seats as they may make use of relays as opposed to running the full current through the system, due to power required, and voltage drop and/or a control module, which may also be required from the donor vehicle. Unless you are awfully talented at upholstery and have the proper installation tools, removing and reinstalling seat covers is a job for a professional.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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