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where can i purchase a licence plate replacement bulb for my 2000 vw beetle?
Any Autoparts store. Here are the Bulb types for your 2000 Beetle:

1998-2000 Beetle

Low beam headlamp H1-55W
High beam headlamp H1-55W
Parking light 2825 7528
Front turn signal 7528
Rear turn signal 7506
Tail light 7528
Stop light 7528
Fog/Driving light H1-55W
License plate 2825
Back up light 7506
Front sidemarker 2825
Rear sidemarker 2825
Glove box 2825
Map light 6418
Step/Courtesy light 6418
Trunk/Cargo area 2825

The License plate lights take a 2825 type bulb. One on each side. Or you can replace them with some LED type bulbs that you can find online.

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4,270 Posts
Are the license plate bulbs the same for 03-05? I just noticed one of mine is out while I was brushing snow off Daisy tonight.

Edit - same bulb through 2005, just replaced mine today with a Sylvania Long lasting bulb.
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