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Lift Kit

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Looking for a lift kit. I'm going to Baja Bug the Ghost. Unfortunately Metalnerd.com no longer makes lift kits and has no plans to do so in the future.
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Where did you see that Metalnerd no longer makes them? They still have them listed on their site, however they are for the Mk IV, not sure I've ever seen one for the 2012+ Beetle.
I emailed them. I might be interperting the message wrong but here is what i received.

From Me: I'm looking for a lift kit for the A5series 2012-15 VW Beetle. I saw you make a custom kit for the A4 Beetle.
Will you be making anything for the A5 series?

MetalNerd: We don’t have anything at the moment for the A5.
The A4 was dangerously low and we needed to get that oil pan away from hazards.
I don’t have any plans at this time.
Thanks for checking with us.
Ah I see. The way I read it is they just don't have them for the 2012+ Beetle and don't plan on it but they still have it for the MkIV. Looks like you may have to do something custom for a lift.
So the modifications are in the planning stage. The goal to lift the bug add a brush guard and a light bar. Maybe go with a larger all terrain tire.

Parts ordered so far:
Westin 30 - 0025 light bar
Penton 18 watt LED off road lights
Lamphus Cruizer off road wiring harness
I just ordered the 2" lift from Metalnerd for my Beetle. Along with a full suspension refresh (stock sport springs and Bilstein TC sport struts and shocks). Suspension has arrived and just waiting for the lift kit to arrive now. No Baja bug just want to stop scraping the road.
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Suspension and 2" lift kit went in with no trouble. I love not scraping the ground anymore! I may try a higher sidewall tire next time they are due. Maybe a 215/65R16.

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Iam new.Can you tell me where and how to get to the "new member"area si I can post?Thanks!
Lift kit

How much lift is that? I want to stop scraping, but not that much lift.

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