I'm looking into selling my project 1999 2.0 automatic Beetle, Spike. First, if you don't know about Vw quirks or are not mechanically inclined this is not the car for you. I bought it in 2012 and have replaced more parts on this car than any car I've ever owned. Mileage is probably around 150k. Timing belt replaced around 120-130k with gates belt and steel water pump impeller not the plastic garbage. Replaced radiator, A/c compressor, A/c accumulator, alternator, serp belt, stainless steel catalytic converter front pipe, 1 Cv axle, other Cv axle still in box, Vw dealer battery.

Lifted in 2013 with 2" Metal nerd lift kit, Tk shocks and struts. Tires are BF Goodrich AT's 215/ 70 or 75 R15 on steel Vw rims. Speedo is a little off due to the taller tire. Metal nerd kit is a beta design as they call it. You have to sign a waiver to buy it and send it back if you ever sell the car. I'm selling it as a project and therefore assume no liability. The tires are big for a beetle. The inside tire edge rubbed a little on the strut base when first installed and they hit the wheel well at 80-90 percent turned. You could use wheel spacers at your own risk to help with that or not turn the steering wheel 100%. It was my daily driver 60 miles a day for years on all highway driving. The lift kit makes the steering more sensitive and the tires add another inch of height or so. I wouldn't go over 75-80 mph and with a good crosswind you will feel how unaerodynamic these cars truly are. If you're into putting a wing on it, that might actually help. It's got a wheel stud conversion kit from ECS Tuning and spiked aluminum lugs that get hand tighten and torqued with an extra long socket to 85 ft lbs. The stud quality is not great and aluminum lugs cross thread/strip easily. Some were replaced with factory style lug bolts. The dash is currently apart due to the foam disintegrating that directs hvac to defrost/vents/feet, a pretty common issue. The headliner is out too due to foam falling apart. I replaced the front/rear brakes, rotors, rear calipers, and ignition wires 12/2019. Drove the car a little after that and just shuffle it around my driveway for the past few years so it's been sitting. One of the ABS sensor wires has a break at the wheel so the ABS light is on. trans dripped a little years ago but is probably low on fluid from sitting. It slips in and out of gear moving it around the driveway. Back when I drove it, the 01M trans shifted well. K2 racing projector clear headlights and tail lights. I also might have a set of black tail lights that the NJ state police were not fond of, I'll have to search for them. 3 gauge dash pod never finished installing. The temp sensor for the gauge is installed in the coolant line but needs wiring. The driver's door latch sensor works intermittently. Fuel door release has been open since I got it. The top of the driver's door panel cracked this year due to heat/age? Call it patina, sunbaked, or rat rod paint. The wire coming out from under the hood is a battery maintainer, not going with the car. I bought another car so this one has to go. I've got a friend that wants to trade but I wanted to offer it up to the Beetle community first. Dropping the price from $3,500 to $2,500 or best offer.