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Lamp: Bulb
Low beam: H1-55W
Hi beam: H1-55W
Fog: H1-55W
Brake: 1157
Front turn signal/marker: 1157
Rear turn: 1156
Reverse/Euro fog: 1156
Rear marker: 194
License plate: 194
Glove box: 194
Map light: 194
Trunk light: 194
Courtesy door light: 6418

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I’m not sure under which category it falls exactly, but I am impressed with these new smart light bulbs (I've discovered them recently). Besides the obvious fact that it’s fun being able to change hundreds of colours at any time for any of your moods, they also preserve energy. I’ve bought mine from https://www.vont.com/product/vont-bulb-color-smart-light-bulbs-smart-bulbs/ initially because my child asked for it. After a while, I changed all the light bulbs to the smart ones in my house. It looks much better and saves energy as well!
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