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Hi all, I have ended my search for a replacement Beetle for me, and I found one, I'm so excited, i'll be flying down, and driving her back on Thursday. I do have a question for anyone who may know, but can someone tell me what the light on is. I don't think it is a check engine. The seller said it was an "Inspection Due" light, and it can be turned off at VW or a good mechanic with the proper tools.


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Congrats Mr Scott on finding a beetle... very thrilled for you my friend.

from my observation, it looks like a check engine light- am I correct?

I would take it to Autozone, and have it scanned, just for good measure. the scan is free, so what can it hurt?

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check engine light.

I would have him get you the codes before flying down.
Definitely the check engine light.
CEL, and I've got a scanner. we can read the codes while you are here. :)
Warren I so wish I could of gotten to meet you!!! I am planning on TOD next year. I'll go to Advance and get the CEL read. :D
Ahh, Mr. Scott. I see your avatar has changed. Glad to see that the NCC 1701-A has left space port and ready for it's continuing mission- carrying on in Ernie's stead.

First star on the left...and straight ahead until morning!
And then....."Out There...Thataway"
Hey in what state and city is the car you are looking at?? There may be an ORGER there WITH a scanner that could help you.

Hey in what state and city is the car you are looking at?? There may be an ORGER there WITH a scanner that could help you.

That is exactly what happened. Warren Jones was the reason I bought my Annie. He is great people.
So this morning, I took Annie for her first check up with my favorite mechanic. They changed her oil, switched her to synthetic, oil, and I had the CEL read, it said that I needed a thermostat. I said, I don't see how, I drove her 615 miles last Thursday and she drove beautifully, never overheated. After they checked it, they cleared it and it stayed off. He said it could of been because she had been sitting a lot. I'll keep my eye opened. Seems like an old code or something.
Please post any all codes that come up; thermostats don't last forever, since we don't have temperature gauges on our cars, it is easy to not realize that you need one! Thermostats are cheap and easy to replace; something to consider doing and it could affect a lot of different things, even impact your gas mileage!

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Also, thermostats rarely fail closed, which is what will lead to overheating. They tend to fail open, which will cause the car to run cooler. As said, we don't have a temperature gauge, so you don't know what temp its running at, other than stone cold or overheating. I wouldn't discount that code. Give it time...I bet it will come back. Codes don't just show up from the car sitting.
They asked 240 bucks to replace, that was the only reason I balked. Maybe I will go ahead and get it replaced.
$240 for the thermostat? You can get the part for about $20. That's way too much!
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