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Lighting and coolant warning problems!

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Hi all!

We have a 2000 beetle and occassionaly the blue low coolant temp light comes on (apart from the usual warm up period at startup) even when the car has been running for some time and in mild outside temperatures.

The other "strange happening" is that when idling and cold when the headlights are on, the lights "Dim" for a second or so every 20 or so seconds.

I have measured the voltage when this is happening and there is a distinct drop in voltage as if the alternator drops charging every now and then.

Anyone know why these things are happening??? The dealers are no help at all.

Thanks, Mark.
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the dimming seems to be a known problem that most drivers have just gotten used to. It's not caused any significant problems that I can reall (please, someone, correct me if I am wrong here).

The temp sensor in my 02 finally failed and gave a check engine around 53,000 --- i never noticed the temp light but did notice the fan would stay on like a half hour after the car was shut off (and driven no more than 15 minutes in the city at a max speed of 50Mph).
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