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List of Light bulb sizes

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So, I want to change to all LEDs, interior and out. I have a 2002 Turbo S.

I tested the waters a bit and changed the 3 interior festoon lights to some 42mm super bright LEDs and am very happy with the results. I want to go around the car and change every other bulb now too, but I can't find a list of all the bulbs.

If I can't find a list, I will just pop them all out, see what they are and order them from Amazon or a local shop.

I am also toying with the idea of LED headlights, at about $100 a set, (and needing 3 sets of H1s) it'll be a little expensive. But hopefully worth it in the long run.
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Wow, thanks, what a great resource!

For posterity, here is a quick copy of the list that the website created.

Application Part #
Back Up Light Bulb 7506
Brake Light Bulb 7528
Courtesy Light Bulb 6418
Glove Box Light Bulb 2825
Headlight Bulb High Beam H1
Headlight Bulb Low Beam H1
License Light Bulb 2825
Map Light Bulb 6418
Side Marker Light Bulb Front 2825
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear 2825
Tail Light Bulb 7528
Trunk or Cargo Area Light 2825
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear 7506
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front 2357A
Fog Light Bulb Front H1
Parking Light Bulb 2825
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No, as far as I know; the stock option for HID, were only in Europe or other non USA countries? I know in the past; people, used to get euro spec stock vw parts/hid headlight assemblies and retrofit them, in their cars.

It's a good list and thanks for posting I just don't see why would you want to do this? LEDs last longer? look better? or just have a little extra $$ to spend on your car? LOL :p

Just a thought; fyi
I believe LEDS use less wattage than regular pulbs this might come in handy for folks that need every ounce of wattage for their stereo AMPS.
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